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I had lots of ice cream yesterday. Alex didn't know what I'd be in the mood for, so he got me Neopolitan. Mmm. I also had an omelet and lots more pudding and jello. More mashed potatoes too.

He had to go to an event at the stadium last night. He didn't RSVP for me because he didn't think I'd be feeling well enough to go. When he came home he said his co-workers were asking where I was and how I was feeling. That's really nice to hear! This one girl he works with said she had her wisdoms out 3 weeks ago, and if her bf was at an event instead of home with her she'd be pissed. Alex said, "Yeah, I should really get going." I told him I'd rather have had him home with me, but I wasn't pissed or anything.

So we watched the UM/VTech game, and then watched Butterfly Effect. After that we did what comes natural before falling asleep. I told him I'd take the train home today, but he didn't want me to have to do that, so we left his house around 8 this morning so he could drive me home before he had to be at the stadium at 10am.

I slept a lot today too. My cheeks hurt, like my upper jaw is radiating pain out. It sucks. The percs aren't making me feel good either, they are just making me feel off and dopey. I wish I was still at Alex's. :(

I'm supposed to be having steak for dinner. hahaha we'll see how that goes.


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