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Finally writing about the rest of the game.

By the time we were walking up to the stadium it was 21-0 Bills. The guy in front of me drops his money clip onto the ground in front of me. So I pick it up, tap him on the shoulder, and give it back. A minute or so later, he comes up to me and gives me $20! Sweet! That paid for our food and then some!

Right before half time we went up to the booth to say hi to Alex. He takes pictures of the players on the field at the start of every play. He took some pictures of us while we were in our seats, but I haven't seen them yet. It seems like he took a lot of pictures of us. Anyway, his brother Trevor was up there, and he offered to take us down closer to sit. Taylor and I of course said yes.

WE WERE FIELD LEVEL, BABY! Like, 10 feet behind the players bench. Which of course means you can't see the field for crap, but you sure can see some nice heinies! I took some pictures with my cell camera even though it sucks. You can't make too much out but you can see how close we were.

Image hosted by
Gus Frerotte, the Dolphins ass bad quarterback is in there somewhere.

Image hosted by
THIS is the Dolphins backup quarterback, Sage Rosenfeld AKA the guy who came in in the fourth quarter and passed for 272 yards and 3 touchdowns, leading the Dolphins to their biggest comeback in 31 years. But let's not start HIM next week, noooooooo that would make too much sense. Also, I was on TV because I was sitting behind him when he was warming up. Unfortunately, most of the time I had my phone in front of my face taking this picture! Also you can see me look up and wave to Alex because he's taking my picture :)

Image hosted by
This is Ricky Williams. He's a pretty good running back when he's not suspended for pot smoking.

Image hosted by
Aaaaand Jason Taylor. I love me some Jason Taylor and I was quite pleased to stare at his butt for 5 minutes or so.

Image hosted by
Me, Taylor and Trevor

These pictures are actually good, and they were taken by Alex from his little booth all the way up under the scoreboard.Read more... )

We had such an awesome day! Hopefully I'll get more pictures soon.
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My friend Adam from high school is going to be on Jeopardy tonight! Note the cool animated icon Alex made from Adam's contestant interview (well, Hometown Howdy haha). Very Max Headroom.

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AlexGro (11:01:40 PM): okay, let me concentrate for like 5-10 minutes I want to post a blog post

AlexGro (11:19:10 PM): just need a few more minutes

AlexGro (11:32:27 PM): I'm sorry, still working

AlexGro (11:34:01 PM):trying to make it good

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I had lots of ice cream yesterday. Alex didn't know what I'd be in the mood for, so he got me Neopolitan. Mmm. I also had an omelet and lots more pudding and jello. More mashed potatoes too.

He had to go to an event at the stadium last night. He didn't RSVP for me because he didn't think I'd be feeling well enough to go. When he came home he said his co-workers were asking where I was and how I was feeling. That's really nice to hear! This one girl he works with said she had her wisdoms out 3 weeks ago, and if her bf was at an event instead of home with her she'd be pissed. Alex said, "Yeah, I should really get going." I told him I'd rather have had him home with me, but I wasn't pissed or anything.

So we watched the UM/VTech game, and then watched Butterfly Effect. After that we did what comes natural before falling asleep. I told him I'd take the train home today, but he didn't want me to have to do that, so we left his house around 8 this morning so he could drive me home before he had to be at the stadium at 10am.

I slept a lot today too. My cheeks hurt, like my upper jaw is radiating pain out. It sucks. The percs aren't making me feel good either, they are just making me feel off and dopey. I wish I was still at Alex's. :(

I'm supposed to be having steak for dinner. hahaha we'll see how that goes.
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Image hosted by
Alex and I outside the church. He's so handsome.

Image hosted by
Us with Shannon and Jim

Alex putting the garter on me:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And the last picture on the roll, when we got back to our suite that night:
Image hosted by

There's more, but these are my favorites, and the only ones I have scanned right now :)
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I finally got the pictures from Taylor's birthday in MAY off the digital camera

I'm not cutting my favorite there. :)

Image hosted by
Me and Alex

Pool Party! )

These are from the Heat Playoffs. We had our rally caps on. Or, rally hair, playstation games, and paper plates as the case may be :)

Image hosted by
Beer? What beer? )

Image hosted by
Ah, drunk Karaoke. Pretty sure they were singing Sonny & Cher's "I got you babe".

Image hosted by
Us at Alex's work party.Read more... )

And finally, why you should NOT fall asleep first:
Image hosted by

(Leaving this post public for a bit, so comments are screened)
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Not that ANY of you live near me but....

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These are from the Dolphins NFL Kickoff Banquet

Wow, didn't realize the image was so huge. Mah bad )

Image hosted by
This is us before we went and sat down. Don't ask me who the other people in the picture are, except they work(ed) with Alex. I couldn't make this one any bigger without it becoming all pixelated.

More to come as I go through my folders on my work computer.....
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Image hosted by

A few from the Funky Munkyz at Surf Cafe in May )
They played last Thursday also for open mic night and they were offered their own night! Woohoo! Also, Alex started the set by leading in with "Space Between" which. was. awesome.
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This is a really picture intensive post. I resized them so they aren't huge, but still wanted to warn those on dialup.

These are pictures from when Alex and I went to Massachusetts to see DMB.

Image hosted by
This is us in my Grammie's backyard the day of the show.

More Pictures! )

Wasn't that fun? Georgia pictures to follow.
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Would ya LOOK at the seats I have for Monday night's Marlin's game! 


And Alex invited my dad to go with us.  Isn't that sweet?
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hello hello. quick update. had the girly bit exam today. what was fun was that they weighed me in at 132. last year i was at 145. wo0t!

i'm on my way to meet jen and codey, then dinner with jessica, then maybe i'll see alex.

oh and i'm kind of mad at jimmy but i dont have time to talk about that right now. and i saw john the other night. and i'm GOING TO PHILLY IN 4 WEEKS!


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