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I'm telling you, my customers must just want me to REALLY appreciate my vacation, which starts Wednesday.

Two guys come in today, sorta dirty looking. One orders a vodka and coke ("the cheapest you got"), the other orders a pitcher of beer ("whichever's the cheapest"). Super. I bring it to them and go about my business. They both get up and go in the game room or whatever. DirtyGuy1 comes and sits back down. CrazyDirtyGuy starts wandering around the restaurant looking for his cane and his bag. In a booth across the restaurant from where he was sitting. Then he goes up to the bartender and tells her someone stole his stuff. She goes and gets the manager, and the manager points out it's in the booth WHERE HIS FRIEND IS SITTING, AND WHO HE WALKED PAST TO GET TO THE BAR. I'm sure she said it very nicely, though.

Then a bit later someone tells me that they just walked out the front door, and did they pay? Um, no.

So i go outside with my manager, and they said that CDG only had one beer, so why should he pay $6.50. Well, Crazy Asshat, you ordered a pitcher, so you have to pay for it. Nevermind the two dollars you handed the HOSTESS on your way out doesn't even cover the vodka DG ordered. DG proceeds to argue that they don't need to be treated like this and harrassed, and that's why they were leaving. Sure, but you still need to pay your bill. But CDG only had one beer! Lather, rinse, repeat for about 10 minutes out in front of the restaurant, at which point, I handed my manager the check and told her I was going in to call the police. By the time the cops got there my manager had apparently convinced them to pay, and got CDG another pitcher, minus what he already drank. Sure fine.

Then she tells me to ring up another vodka/coke for DG! But that, I guess is a story for managers_suck. The guy was still sitting there when I left a bit ago. The server who's station is was refused to wait on him, so when I left the manager was. At whatpoint do we refuse service to people? I mean, you tried to walk out on your check. suuuuuuuuure, come back in and have another! W.T.F.

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so i'm finishing up a lunch shift at work, when the hostess comes up to me and tells me table 23 wants me, they need there check. oh, the one i put on their table a half an hour ago?

so i walk up to the table:
stupid ladies: can we get our check? we need to go
me (lifting up check presenter that was sitting VERTICALLY in the middle of the table): here you go.
them: oh! oops! ::giggle::

the hostess and i rolled our eyes at each other. i hope they felt 12 kinds of stupid. it's only a black book sitting open, on it's edge, right between you in the middle of the table. sheesh.
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last night at work we were bored. kevin, my manager, moved jen the bartender's jeep so it was parked sideways. then we got dana's keys and moved her pt cruiser about 6 feet from being inside the back door of the restaurant. then we moved paul's car right behind dana's. then we put kid cups on all of their antenna's. plus jen's rims, taillights, pedals, gear shift, e-brake, etc.

then we got the foil. we covered all her roll bars, visors, mirrors, windshield wipers, steering wheel, all in foil. she came out, and says, what is this? foil? kevin says, hell no, it's chrome. we pimped your ride! you bling blingin. ah the things you'll do when stuck at work at midnight on a friday.

then after we closed me, casey and dana wanted a beer. kevin says 'i'm working, if you want something get it yourself'. i said, shit, he's gonna regret that one. casey and i had a beer, dana had a stoli razz and cran, and then we decided to have chocolate cake shots. i made em pretty good, and they hit us pretty hard. it was lots of fun.

tonight i'm going out with shannon for her birthday, and then tomorrow taking the four generations picture with my mom, grandmother and taylor. not sure of the wisdom of that, but oh well. gotta run and get ready.
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just got done with work, $70 in 5 hours, not too bad. last night i made $95. i hate being so tight with money so i'm glad things are getting a bit better it seems.

today i didn't go to class, i thought, hey, i can either take a nap at home on my couch or in my boring ass art class. so i took the couch, cause hey, i was already there. blah blah blah, i'm hungry and gonna go home.
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went to the art museum this morning. was pretty cool, except i had to listen to my art teacher drone on and on.....if i wasn't standing i'd have fallen asleep just like in class. anyway, i bought a poster of one of the paintings so i could critique it at home instead of hanging around there. i might have to go back some other day......i think the teacher said that it's free on saturdays if you live in wpb.

tomorrow i get to hostess and rock the d shirt. i don't know how hard i'll be rockin the skirt, but at least i'm wearing tammy's size 7 instead of the 3 or 10 that were at work. hello. anyway, gonna eat my cereal and do my laundry and maybe go lay out like i did yesterday, without taking my necklace off which gave me a nice little heart 'tattoo' on my chest. :) duh.


Feb. 28th, 2004 05:40 pm
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i'm having body issues today. i'm getting my period and i am feeling very BIG. oh well. just need to get out of my stupid work pants if my kid would ever get ready to leave here. i made $130 at work today so that's cool. should hopefully be able to get my cable turned back on soon and get a cable modem so i can disconnect my phone line. that's all for now cause i'm really really tired.

oh yeah:
Congratulations, Noelle!
Your IQ score is 129

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.

from ::shrug:: it was higher than that the last test i took, which was administered in person so prolly a little more accurate. the verbal skills part is right though.


Mar. 10th, 2003 02:08 am
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i went downtown with some people from work friday night. 8 of us left, 4 with jason's brother chris,(chris, jay, justin and keileen), and 4 with this guy tony (him, me, bobby, and this girl laura).

anyway, tony was driving all crazy, showing off. we came off 95 onto palm beach lakes, and i saw us heading towards the tree and median,and the next thing i remember is being upside down underneath the car on my hands and knees. i was in a puddle of blood that wasnt mine. i started yelling for everyone to answer me and tell me they were ok, but the only one who answered was laura. she opened the driver's door, and i crawled out and pulled her out too.

when we got to the hospital i called justin and ky and told them what happened. they ran over to the accident, and i called later to see if they found anything out and justin said they were both dead. it's so fucked up.

we had a memorial at the crash site last night which really helped me alot. lauren told me jimmy was really upset, and he said "i'm so glad she's ok, i really lo- care alot about her."

i went in tonight and when jimmy saw me he just grabbed me and hugged me and started crying. i hung out there with him for awhile and when we left he hugged me so tight, and kissed my forehead, then hugged me again and kissed me on the lips. he told me not to worry about work until i felt ready, and he said "you have my number". so i guess it's ok if i call him. it's nice to know he cares so much about me. wow.

tomorrow is bobby's wake, and tuesday is the funeral. bobby was only 19. it's so fucked up and it still doesnt seem real.his arm was on the ground next to me when i was trapped in the car. i was reaching behind me to find him and i couldnt. brian is all fucked up about it, i mean everyone is, but he drove us to the club and felt bad he didnt wait for us. everyone feels guilty for some reason or another. someone was looking out for me, and i think bobby is looking out for me now.
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I FEEL LIKE CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. this is just great. i hate getting sick. oh well, i just have to work today and tomorrow and then i'll be off for 2 days, then one more and i'm off thanksgiving. this sucks balls.
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hee hee hee hee. that's all i have to say about the work situation. ha ha ha

i love jay and silent bob. and sara said i could be her baby's godmother. YES YOU DID. now it's in writing.


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