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today is easter, woohoo.

jim left today. it sucks. SUCKS I SAY. i'm really sad and that's all i want to say about it right now. i have a test in the morning i don't want to study for.


Mar. 12th, 2004 12:08 am
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having a lot of fun lately with jim. tuesday he and i spent the whole day together. he and i went to cracker barrell for lunch and then we went golfing at his course. i hit a few balls. then we went to dave and buster's for ali's birthday. we did that gene morph thing where it takes both of your pictures and then shows you what your future kid will look like. i was surprised he agreed to do it. if i thought that thing was anything accurate, i would never have kids with him cause they gave us a fat headed boy and a trailer park girl. :) anyway. then he stayed over that night which was great cause i love sleeping with him, and he ended up staying until about 11am. this morning i went over and hung out with him until he had to go to work at 10:30. later i picked up our roll of film he dropped off yesterday. they were from new year's eve up until golfing tuesday. some really good ones on there that i wish i could scan and put on here. :)

anyway, that's the good stuff going on right now, and also i'm on spring break which is great. the bad is that i am poor for some reason, but oh well.
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i am so freaking happy i don't even want to write about it. it seems like it would take something from it to write down how my evening went, right now anyway......and i'm too blissed out to write about how much fun i had at work today. so eventually i will, and also about valentine's day. :)
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i don't know what to say. i'm doing well in school right now without too much effort, aside from my weekly crams thursday nights. art is horribly boring and i've missed about 4 of those classes but oh well.

i got my tax refund on jan 30 and it is GONE. i mean like i am super poor. but oh well. i spent $2300 at rooms to go on superbowl sunday and got a wall unit, lamp, and two nightstands. i love my wall unit, and for $1600 i'd better, huh? it's so awesome though. my apartment is really starting to look kick ass.

there's lots of jim stuff, including valentine's day, but for now i'll just say that in some ways it's good he's leaving in a few months....otherwise it might be over now!


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