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Apr. 24th, 2003 04:08 pm
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i got my new tattoo tuesday night. it kicks so much ass. it had the chinese character for hero with angel wings around it, and then underneath is says "bousche" which in the water boy it's spelled boucher. but oh well i dont like it that way anyway.
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do not stand at my grave and weep, i am not there. i do not sleep, i am a thousand winds that blow, i am the diamond glint in the snow. i am the sunlight on the ripened grain, i am the gentle autumn rain.

when you wake in the morning hush, i am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circling flight. i am the soft starlight at night. do not stand at my grave and cry, i am not there. i did not die.

i love you bobby, and i will never forget you and what you have done. you are a hero and you will always be with me.


Mar. 10th, 2003 02:08 am
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i went downtown with some people from work friday night. 8 of us left, 4 with jason's brother chris,(chris, jay, justin and keileen), and 4 with this guy tony (him, me, bobby, and this girl laura).

anyway, tony was driving all crazy, showing off. we came off 95 onto palm beach lakes, and i saw us heading towards the tree and median,and the next thing i remember is being upside down underneath the car on my hands and knees. i was in a puddle of blood that wasnt mine. i started yelling for everyone to answer me and tell me they were ok, but the only one who answered was laura. she opened the driver's door, and i crawled out and pulled her out too.

when we got to the hospital i called justin and ky and told them what happened. they ran over to the accident, and i called later to see if they found anything out and justin said they were both dead. it's so fucked up.

we had a memorial at the crash site last night which really helped me alot. lauren told me jimmy was really upset, and he said "i'm so glad she's ok, i really lo- care alot about her."

i went in tonight and when jimmy saw me he just grabbed me and hugged me and started crying. i hung out there with him for awhile and when we left he hugged me so tight, and kissed my forehead, then hugged me again and kissed me on the lips. he told me not to worry about work until i felt ready, and he said "you have my number". so i guess it's ok if i call him. it's nice to know he cares so much about me. wow.

tomorrow is bobby's wake, and tuesday is the funeral. bobby was only 19. it's so fucked up and it still doesnt seem real.his arm was on the ground next to me when i was trapped in the car. i was reaching behind me to find him and i couldnt. brian is all fucked up about it, i mean everyone is, but he drove us to the club and felt bad he didnt wait for us. everyone feels guilty for some reason or another. someone was looking out for me, and i think bobby is looking out for me now.


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