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last night i saw 'day after tomorrow' with jason. it kicked ass. i mean, obviously the special effects were just insane. my mom asked me if it was only good because of the special effects or if the plot was good too. i said that the story WAS the special effects. i mean, it's about how we fucked up the environment so bad that we're being plunged into an instantaneous ice age. meanwhile, the scientist who finds this out isn't being listened to by the baaaaaaaaad vice president, oh and also, scientist guy's son is in manhattan where some crazy weather shit is going down.

i haven't had a movie stick with me like this one is for awhile. honestly, i wouldn't mind going to see it again today. plus, jake gyllenhall.......mmmm. but the thing is, what the dennis quaid guy says in the movie is right. we ARE making changes to the environment that we are not going to be able to go back from. we ARE fucking shit up without a care to the consequences. the only unreal thing about that movie is it happening like, instantaneously like that. it would be slower, but IT'S STILL HAPPENING. even did a whole thing before the release about how much of the movie is accurate. yanno what, i really want to go see it again. it's in my head. which means i had some really good jake gyllenhall dreams last night :)
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hee hee hee hee. that's all i have to say about the work situation. ha ha ha

i love jay and silent bob. and sara said i could be her baby's godmother. YES YOU DID. now it's in writing.
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i'm so glad i bought jay and silent bob strike back. this movie is too funny..

john was being really nice to me at work tonight. it was funny. that is all.


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