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They already abort at home, in some states that treat them like they're third class citizens. Yes, third. Behind the fetuses they carry and the men that put them there and would gladly keep them there.

Douching with bleach. Coat hangers, if we can get metal ones. Knitting needles. Baseball bats. Drinking. Stairs. Poisons. Herbals and incompletes that fester and kill. Untrained doctors poking and prodding, no certainty if they're legit or not. Women sitting on floors goddess knows where, holding towels to their hemorrhaging crotches, too scared to call a doctor because they think they might be in trouble. Women dying, leaving behind parents, husbands, children, friends, loved ones, who knew her and missed her--and no faint wish of an unborn baby saved from her womb, for when she dies it does as well.

How many of us will have to be hurt, to be maimed, to die, to show you that taking away abortions will not save these babies you claim to be saving? That all you do is damn us for sex that you find distasteful? How many more babies will be found in dumpsters dying, or thrown out of windows, or drowned in bathtubs, or left to die and sealed up in boxes like trash in a pile of thier own dirty diapers? How many women will die, how many children will be abused, how many more will find themselves without homes at the crucial times they need them because white women unwillingly pregnant are having their fresh whitebread babies bought by the highest bidder? Or are we, like the Africans tossed over the side of the boat as dead in the Middle Passage, "acceptable losses" in the end goal of making sure every zygote and embryo is sacred?

You said you weren't pro-punishment. You said you cared about the women too. You said this would be better for us. You said there would be exceptions for rape, or incest, or health before the brink of the loss of life.

You said you were "pro-life".

You lied.

You lied to our faces, to our bodies, to our souls. And now all of us will give up blood, bodies, souls, minds. We will lose ourselves to the Holy and Most Sacred Altar of the Unborn Baby.

Sing to the glory of their name.

Cause you're sure not singing anything I can percieve as true.

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A Very Wary Christmas

"To call out a team of lawyers to insist that people say 'Merry Christmas' — what could be less in the Christmas spirit?" asked Jeremy Gunn, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief.

"Don't they have anything better to do?" he asked.

Really, don't they? As I've said, I agree it's silly to rename a "Christmas tree" a "holiday tree", because it's not. And I even agree with singing songs like "Silent Night" in a school program as long as other religions are represented as well.

But to get all up in arms about Walgreen's or Target putting "Happy Holidays" on their circular instead of Merry Christmas? Come on.

"Christmas is not a holiday. A holiday is when you take a day off work and run around playing," said Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the American Family Assn., which led the Target campaign. Using the word "holiday" for Dec. 25 devalues "our nation's most holy day," Sharp said. "And I take offense.""

My eyeballs should return from the back of my skull any minute now. IT IS A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. That's why most people get off work! If it WASN'T considered a national holiday, you'd have your panties in a twist about having to work on "our nation's most holy day." PS, our nation doesn't have holy days. PEOPLE do, RELIGIONS do, not our nation as a whole.

I seriously wish my biggest problem was what the Wal-Mart greeters said to me when I walked in the store.
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I'm telling you, my customers must just want me to REALLY appreciate my vacation, which starts Wednesday.

Two guys come in today, sorta dirty looking. One orders a vodka and coke ("the cheapest you got"), the other orders a pitcher of beer ("whichever's the cheapest"). Super. I bring it to them and go about my business. They both get up and go in the game room or whatever. DirtyGuy1 comes and sits back down. CrazyDirtyGuy starts wandering around the restaurant looking for his cane and his bag. In a booth across the restaurant from where he was sitting. Then he goes up to the bartender and tells her someone stole his stuff. She goes and gets the manager, and the manager points out it's in the booth WHERE HIS FRIEND IS SITTING, AND WHO HE WALKED PAST TO GET TO THE BAR. I'm sure she said it very nicely, though.

Then a bit later someone tells me that they just walked out the front door, and did they pay? Um, no.

So i go outside with my manager, and they said that CDG only had one beer, so why should he pay $6.50. Well, Crazy Asshat, you ordered a pitcher, so you have to pay for it. Nevermind the two dollars you handed the HOSTESS on your way out doesn't even cover the vodka DG ordered. DG proceeds to argue that they don't need to be treated like this and harrassed, and that's why they were leaving. Sure, but you still need to pay your bill. But CDG only had one beer! Lather, rinse, repeat for about 10 minutes out in front of the restaurant, at which point, I handed my manager the check and told her I was going in to call the police. By the time the cops got there my manager had apparently convinced them to pay, and got CDG another pitcher, minus what he already drank. Sure fine.

Then she tells me to ring up another vodka/coke for DG! But that, I guess is a story for managers_suck. The guy was still sitting there when I left a bit ago. The server who's station is was refused to wait on him, so when I left the manager was. At whatpoint do we refuse service to people? I mean, you tried to walk out on your check. suuuuuuuuure, come back in and have another! W.T.F.

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Nov. 20th, 2002 02:19 am
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i got an A+ on my paper from last week. i'm pissed though cause we aren't having a final; instead our oral presentation is worth double. thanks alot you whiny fucking babies that don't know how to study and get a good grade on an easy ass test. my my aren't we testy. i really need to go to sleep.


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