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Alex and I outside the church. He's so handsome.

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Us with Shannon and Jim

Alex putting the garter on me:
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And the last picture on the roll, when we got back to our suite that night:
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There's more, but these are my favorites, and the only ones I have scanned right now :)
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last night at work we were bored. kevin, my manager, moved jen the bartender's jeep so it was parked sideways. then we got dana's keys and moved her pt cruiser about 6 feet from being inside the back door of the restaurant. then we moved paul's car right behind dana's. then we put kid cups on all of their antenna's. plus jen's rims, taillights, pedals, gear shift, e-brake, etc.

then we got the foil. we covered all her roll bars, visors, mirrors, windshield wipers, steering wheel, all in foil. she came out, and says, what is this? foil? kevin says, hell no, it's chrome. we pimped your ride! you bling blingin. ah the things you'll do when stuck at work at midnight on a friday.

then after we closed me, casey and dana wanted a beer. kevin says 'i'm working, if you want something get it yourself'. i said, shit, he's gonna regret that one. casey and i had a beer, dana had a stoli razz and cran, and then we decided to have chocolate cake shots. i made em pretty good, and they hit us pretty hard. it was lots of fun.

tonight i'm going out with shannon for her birthday, and then tomorrow taking the four generations picture with my mom, grandmother and taylor. not sure of the wisdom of that, but oh well. gotta run and get ready.


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