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I had to pass on this story of a clinic worker assaulted on her way to work. In what kind of fucked up mind is this okay? In what mind is assaulting a woman in the name of being PRO-LIFE reasonable? I'm really too disgusted to have any more commentary on this, so here you go: 

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They already abort at home, in some states that treat them like they're third class citizens. Yes, third. Behind the fetuses they carry and the men that put them there and would gladly keep them there.

Douching with bleach. Coat hangers, if we can get metal ones. Knitting needles. Baseball bats. Drinking. Stairs. Poisons. Herbals and incompletes that fester and kill. Untrained doctors poking and prodding, no certainty if they're legit or not. Women sitting on floors goddess knows where, holding towels to their hemorrhaging crotches, too scared to call a doctor because they think they might be in trouble. Women dying, leaving behind parents, husbands, children, friends, loved ones, who knew her and missed her--and no faint wish of an unborn baby saved from her womb, for when she dies it does as well.

How many of us will have to be hurt, to be maimed, to die, to show you that taking away abortions will not save these babies you claim to be saving? That all you do is damn us for sex that you find distasteful? How many more babies will be found in dumpsters dying, or thrown out of windows, or drowned in bathtubs, or left to die and sealed up in boxes like trash in a pile of thier own dirty diapers? How many women will die, how many children will be abused, how many more will find themselves without homes at the crucial times they need them because white women unwillingly pregnant are having their fresh whitebread babies bought by the highest bidder? Or are we, like the Africans tossed over the side of the boat as dead in the Middle Passage, "acceptable losses" in the end goal of making sure every zygote and embryo is sacred?

You said you weren't pro-punishment. You said you cared about the women too. You said this would be better for us. You said there would be exceptions for rape, or incest, or health before the brink of the loss of life.

You said you were "pro-life".

You lied.

You lied to our faces, to our bodies, to our souls. And now all of us will give up blood, bodies, souls, minds. We will lose ourselves to the Holy and Most Sacred Altar of the Unborn Baby.

Sing to the glory of their name.

Cause you're sure not singing anything I can percieve as true.



Feb. 9th, 2006 12:55 pm
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Aug. 3rd, 2004 02:35 pm
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No pity. No shame. No silence

I'll warn you before you read it that it was very overwhelming to me.


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