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This is a really picture intensive post. I resized them so they aren't huge, but still wanted to warn those on dialup.

These are pictures from when Alex and I went to Massachusetts to see DMB.

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This is us in my Grammie's backyard the day of the show.

More Pictures! )

Wasn't that fun? Georgia pictures to follow.
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I was booked on flight 33 yesterday, 7/7/04 to Philadelphia with a connecting flight there to West Palm Beach. When I arrived in Providence, I was told by the ticketing agent that my flight was delayed for 4 hours and I would miss my connection. I was rebooked to connect in Washington- Reagan to Ft. Lauderdale airport (#1487), which was already a huge inconvienience to me, because I live in West Palm. Then the flight to D.C. was delayed, and I was ASSURED that my connection would be delayed too so I wouldn't miss it. My flight ended up arriving in D.C. an hour late, and I was told that my connection had already left(#547). I went to the ticketing area and waited in line for an hour and a half, at which point I was told that there were no more flights for the evening. This meant that I was stuck in a strange city alone, and had to spend $75.00 on a hotel room. This may not sound like a large amount to some, but I am a single mother working her way through school, and didn't need the extra expense. Especially considering, if I knew there was a chance I would miss my connection, I would have connected in Philadelphia, where I have friends in the city and a place to stay. Furthermore, when I called to confirm my flight time this morning, I found out that my flight to Ft. Lauderdale had originated that morning in Providence! However, when I originally asked about flights the following day, before I left Providence on Wednesday, I was not informed of this option, which would have lessened the inconvienience to me considerably. I would like to be compensated for my trouble as well as the expense incurred for the hotel room, due to the incompetent actions of the ticketing agents. Thank you in advance.
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hello hello. quick update. had the girly bit exam today. what was fun was that they weighed me in at 132. last year i was at 145. wo0t!

i'm on my way to meet jen and codey, then dinner with jessica, then maybe i'll see alex.

oh and i'm kind of mad at jimmy but i dont have time to talk about that right now. and i saw john the other night. and i'm GOING TO PHILLY IN 4 WEEKS!


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