Mar. 23rd, 2007 02:33 pm
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I forgot we were dog sitting for my brother this weekend! He dropped off his Rottweiler, Julius, a bit ago. He did go out back and roll himself in poo (for what, I don't know) so I had to hose him off and then make him stay outside for awhile. It's okay. I don't get to see him that often so I'm excited he is here until Sunday! He's the closest thing I'm going to get to a niece or nephew in the foreseeable future, so I take what I gets.

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Jun. 21st, 2004 02:34 pm
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i was still sleeping earlier when i heard someone knock on my front door. i put my robe on and went to see who it was. i was like, i swear, if it's the crazy church lady, i'm not answering it. but it was my brother with a cute widdle puppy! it's a purebred german rotweiler puppy. his name is julius and HE IS SO CUTE. i put my cats in my bedroom so he could run around. right now they are at the vet getting julius his shots, and taylor went with them.

and i........am sitting on my butt instead of cleaning the house or something. oh, and also waiting for them to come back with taco bell. mmmm, taco bell.
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i think it's cool that i can put my hand on my cat's back while he is sleeping and he won't flinch.
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today i bought a new hamster cage because it was easier than cleaning the old one. i mean, the old one was NAS-TEE. so now my hamster has a 3 story pink house, and i got this litter box thingie that goes in the corner and hamster litter to go in it. apparently you can litter train your hamster which makes sense to me for two reasons: 1. he always goes in the same corner, hiking his ass up the side of the cage so some of the pee goes out of it (the litter box has a high back and fits in the corner) 2. my rabbit was litter box trained. anyway hopefully it works and he goes in there cause i hate h8h8 cleaning that cage. and i really can't afford to keep buying new ones.

also, i saw a hairless rat at petsmart and it freaked me the fuck out. ::shudder::

and i finished my paper by 11:45am today with 614 words. wo0t!


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