Apr. 4th, 2007 12:12 pm
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You guys will not believe what I got on my exam today. It was on renal disfunction, neuro, and anxiety disorders.

I got 100%!!!!!

I am just so excited. I finished the test and it told me my score. My jaw dropped into my lap! Then I clicked "review missed questions" just to make sure. Again, it told me I scored 100% I went to leave and the proctor asked me how I did. I held up my paper and showed her where I wrote my score. Her jaw dropped too and she said, "Oh my God, that's great! We've never had a 100% before!" SQUEEEEEE!

I am so. so. happy. I read the material (except for the psych stuff because I heard buying the book was not necessary) and I did all the powerpoint stuff online. I felt okay going into the test, and when I was done I thought I did pretty well, but 100%? UN. REAL.


I think I need to go take a nap now. I couldn't keep my eyes open on the train this morning.
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I used to have the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack on tape. I'd listen to it in my car all the time, rocking out to "I've Had the Time of My Life", etc and it always made my mood at least a little bit better. Well, a few weeks ago I was telling Alex how when my Escort wagon got totalled, the tape stuck inside the deck and I couldn't get it back out. "Where am I EVER going to find another TAPE of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack," I complained.

Well, around Easter Alex said he had a present being shipped to me from England, so it might take awhile to get here. (I'm sure you can see where this is going) I went down to his house yesterday and opened my present, and it was THE DIRTY DANCING SOUNDTRACK! Man oh man, I am so excited. That might be one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone has ever given me, and for no reason other than it would make me happy. :) He also got me the movie on VHS.

Coincidentally I had a gift for him as well (a new hair brush sealed in plastic) and I love the fact that we got each other gifts for no reason, that anyone else would look at and think, "Meh heh?" Yay :)
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..make a post about my weekend in Miami but I am so tired and HUNGRY I can't even find the mental energy. So, here is the picture I like best from the bunch. :)

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My flowers! Compare, if you will, to when I planted them )

My daughter :)

My new bedroom rug

My toenail polish


(I'm also pretty psyched about the eyebrow wax I got today)

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I loved rubber cement when I was a kid. You could paint it on your hand, and then peel it off like skin. You could make a big ball of it and bounce it. And it worked pretty well for it's intended purpose of arts and crafts as well.

Some months ago I needed something to attach rubber molds to pictures showing what the molds made. So, I went and got me a nice bottle of rubber see-ment. I only played with it a little. Swear.

Today I wore my black flip flops to work that I love so much the sole was coming apart from the upper part of the shoe. This made me pretty sad because these are my favorite flip flops. And I haven't been able to find any nice black ones to replace them lately.

Anyway, I put some rubber cement between the two pieces of my shoe and what do you know, it worked! I don't know how long it will hold it together, but for now it's pretty exciting. Yes, the small things in life make me happy.

(PS I just noticed LJ added a 'current location'. Interesting.)
ETA: But it doesn't show up with the post! What's the point in that?
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Man I'm clever. haha

Anyway, I woke up with 4 pimples this morning, in addition to the two I already had from a few days ago. I seriously better be getting my period, if only because I'd like to know there is a REASON for my face to freak the hell out like this.

And in the Why My Job Rocks Department, I'm sitting at my desk playing dominoes on Yahoo with [profile] peach1978 (perk one) when my boss Richard tells me to get my keys and come outside. He brings the trashcan out and tells me to clean my car out. Then he hands me some money and tells me to go get it detailed and filled up with gas. RAWK. My car is so clean and pretty, and smells like lemons. Seriously, I'm considering not letting my daughter ride in it anymore :)

One small downer is that I'm pretty sure I had $4 in the ashtray. And I don't now. So that sucks, more on principle than anything else but what are ya gonna do.

I get to leave work early today! Oh look, I'm cheered up again :)

Have a great weekend!
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Image hosted by
Alex and I outside the church. He's so handsome.

Image hosted by
Us with Shannon and Jim

Alex putting the garter on me:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And the last picture on the roll, when we got back to our suite that night:
Image hosted by

There's more, but these are my favorites, and the only ones I have scanned right now :)
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I finally got the pictures from Taylor's birthday in MAY off the digital camera

I'm not cutting my favorite there. :)

Image hosted by
Me and Alex

Pool Party! )

These are from the Heat Playoffs. We had our rally caps on. Or, rally hair, playstation games, and paper plates as the case may be :)

Image hosted by
Beer? What beer? )

Image hosted by
Ah, drunk Karaoke. Pretty sure they were singing Sonny & Cher's "I got you babe".

Image hosted by
Us at Alex's work party.Read more... )

And finally, why you should NOT fall asleep first:
Image hosted by

(Leaving this post public for a bit, so comments are screened)
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Dear Noelle,

Congratulations on your recent academic achievement. The Office of the Registrar has informed me that your grade point average is among the highest at Palm Beach Community College.

It is my pleasure to inform you that your name has been placed on the Part-Time President's Academic Honor List of part-time students who have attained a grade point average of 3.8 or higher. Your transcript has been updated to reflect this outstanding honor.

Palm Beach Community College is fortunate to have students who take pride in doing their best. Because you strive for excellence, your efforts will be rewarded as you progress in your academic endeavors and later in your professional career. The faculty and staff of PBCC are proud to be a part of your education and training.

Again, congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment. Keep up the great work!

Dennis P. Gallon, Ph.D.

woohoo! It came in an envelope marked "DIPLOMA-DO NOT BEND". I was like, "Did I graduate and not know it?" But it had a certificate for the President's Honor Roll along with the letter. I got a Nerd Certificate, baby! Wo0t!
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Would ya LOOK at the seats I have for Monday night's Marlin's game! 


And Alex invited my dad to go with us.  Isn't that sweet?
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i am so freaking happy i don't even want to write about it. it seems like it would take something from it to write down how my evening went, right now anyway......and i'm too blissed out to write about how much fun i had at work today. so eventually i will, and also about valentine's day. :)


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