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Oct. 22nd, 2006 08:32 pm
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The Dolphins suck. They just SUCK. I place this week's loss on the shoulders of the receivers. It is your job to catch the ball. NOT DROP IT, CATCH IT. What a horseshit game.

My boy Jason Taylor had some good plays in the first half, though. 2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. Then it was all downhill from there.
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...which the Dolphins won! 5 in a row, baby!

Supposedly my arm looks like it's doing something dirty, so it's covered up with the logo @@

Ooh, uncensored. You be the judge.
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Taken from under the scoreboard with the super cool zoom lens.
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This is a screen cap of Taylor and I on TV during the bills game. My phone was in front of my face because I was taking a picture of Sage. Oh well :) We're in the lower right corner. I tried to make us stand out but I'm not so good with the photoshop.

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Finally writing about the rest of the game.

By the time we were walking up to the stadium it was 21-0 Bills. The guy in front of me drops his money clip onto the ground in front of me. So I pick it up, tap him on the shoulder, and give it back. A minute or so later, he comes up to me and gives me $20! Sweet! That paid for our food and then some!

Right before half time we went up to the booth to say hi to Alex. He takes pictures of the players on the field at the start of every play. He took some pictures of us while we were in our seats, but I haven't seen them yet. It seems like he took a lot of pictures of us. Anyway, his brother Trevor was up there, and he offered to take us down closer to sit. Taylor and I of course said yes.

WE WERE FIELD LEVEL, BABY! Like, 10 feet behind the players bench. Which of course means you can't see the field for crap, but you sure can see some nice heinies! I took some pictures with my cell camera even though it sucks. You can't make too much out but you can see how close we were.

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Gus Frerotte, the Dolphins ass bad quarterback is in there somewhere.

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THIS is the Dolphins backup quarterback, Sage Rosenfeld AKA the guy who came in in the fourth quarter and passed for 272 yards and 3 touchdowns, leading the Dolphins to their biggest comeback in 31 years. But let's not start HIM next week, noooooooo that would make too much sense. Also, I was on TV because I was sitting behind him when he was warming up. Unfortunately, most of the time I had my phone in front of my face taking this picture! Also you can see me look up and wave to Alex because he's taking my picture :)

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This is Ricky Williams. He's a pretty good running back when he's not suspended for pot smoking.

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Aaaaand Jason Taylor. I love me some Jason Taylor and I was quite pleased to stare at his butt for 5 minutes or so.

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Me, Taylor and Trevor

These pictures are actually good, and they were taken by Alex from his little booth all the way up under the scoreboard.Read more... )

We had such an awesome day! Hopefully I'll get more pictures soon.


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